Sage Advice From A Real Texas Cowboy

Scott hosts the weekly Cowboy Entrepreneur show broadcasting worldwide on a dozen platforms—from iHeart to Spotify to Apple—and on Southern California’s KCAA radio, an NBC affiliate on the frontline of the nation’s most populous state. On Facebook, Scott draws fans from throughout the Americas and beyond to 12 countries. Of his 10,000 regular followers, 75% are women with disposable income. Over 5,000 YouTubers subscribe to his Cowboy Entrepreneur video podcast averaging 2,600 viewers per episode and a 3X pass-through rate with over 20,000 unaudited viewers. Scott’s combined social media reach over 600,000 per month.
Scott is a contributing writer to Performance Horse Magazine, a national publication with over 400,000 print and online subscribers. Scott is an American Quarter Horse Association Ambassador and Professional Horseman for the largest breed organization in the world. He is a member of American Horse Publications. A lightning strike survivor, Scott’s been featured in NOAA’s National Weather Service Lightning Safety Campaign on Fox News, and more, sharing his story of being hit in the head by lighting and relearning how to read and write. Scott’s talks and appearances have most recently taken him to California, Montana, Nevada, Florida, and throughout his native Texas.